Former Lyon County District Attorney Bob Auer debuting ‘Lessons from Lonnie’ |

Former Lyon County District Attorney Bob Auer debuting ‘Lessons from Lonnie’

‘Lessons From Lonnie,’ a memoir by Former Lyon County District Attorney Bob Auer.
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Former Lyon County District Attorney Bob Auer is launching his new book, “Lessons From Lonnie,” a memoir about how he was taught values by his father Lawrence “Lonnie” Auer.

Lonnie moved the Auer family from rural Ohio to Las Vegas in 1961 so that he could legally pursue his trade as a casino pit boss. With a series of humorous tales of Las Vegas from the 1960s and 1970s, Bob takes the reader on a ride through his childhood journey from the casino to the courtroom. Chapters include lessons learned from flying biscuits, baseball bats, eight track tapes, a visit to the Hilton, Cadillac car trunks, Elvis, mugger money and more.

“My experience growing up in Las Vegas was very similar to the manner in which former Governor Bob Miller described his childhood in Son of a Gambling Man,” Auer said. “Since my father’s death in 1985, I have been telling stories about the methods a casino guy used teach me values. Let’s just say that they were not always conventional methods, but they sure worked for me! I finally put all the stories together in a format similar to a record album so that the reader could ride along and learn values the way that Lonnie taught them to me.”

“Lessons From Lonnie” is published by Lulu Press. Auer says it is a quick read, just right for the airplane ride to and from Las Vegas to Reno. Auer’s first book will be one of the works featured in the “New Title Showcase” at the BookExpo America conference being held at McCormick Place in Chicago on May 11-13. Readers may buy e-book or paperback versions of Lessons From Lonnie at, (Kindle), or Barnes and

The author’s legal career as a prosecutor in Northern Nevada with Carson City, State of Nevada, and Lyon County spanned 31 years. His prior gaming career in Las Vegas was spent as a dealer and pit boss at the Four Queens Hotel and the MGM Grand Hotel. He and his wife Debbie now live in Reno.