Friends of the Nevada State Museum “mint” chocolate coins |

Friends of the Nevada State Museum “mint” chocolate coins

Chocolate coins in honor of the 150th anniversary of the historic Coin Press No. 1 are on sale at the Nevada State Museum’s store.
Courtesy Jeanette McGregor

The Friends of the Nevada State Museum, in tribute to the upcoming 150th anniversary of the Museum’s historic Coin Press No. 1, have “minted” chocolate coins for sale at the museum’s store.

The obverse side of the chocolate coin features the coin press and the reverse illustrates the museum’s logo.

Produced by Foiled Again, the coins are made of 100 percent Belgian Callebaut chocolate. The company believes that chocolate lovers deserve the best, so their product delivers that quality which is communicated in their motto “Not just good … Wicked Good!” The idea was initiated by Bob Nylen, museum curator of history and Friends member, Cora Johnson, and with the images on the chocolate coin designed by Jeanette McGregor, museum exhibits preparator.

The venerable coin press — which churned out millions of dollars in silver and gold coins during stints at U.S. Mints in Carson City, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Denver between 1870 and 1964 — continues minting silver medallions that are also sold in the store. On the last Friday of the month, museum visitors can watch the historic Coin Press No. 1 carry on a mission it started nearly 150 year ago in the same building during special demonstrations. Visitors who wish to have their own medallion minted before their eyes can purchase a silver blank in the store and bring it to the Coin Press gallery.

The Nevada State Museum engages diverse audiences in understanding and celebrating Nevada’s natural and cultural heritage through a variety of exhibits. These include areas focus on Nevada’s exciting and rich history, the Native American cultures that thrived in the region, as well as on Natural History, Anthropology, and a realistic Comstock era mine experience.

The museum is open weekly from Tuesday to Sunday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.