Garden tour planned for Tuesday in Silver City |

Garden tour planned for Tuesday in Silver City

Children and their parents are invited to Silver City’s garden tour at 10 a.m. Tuesday.
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Silver City Community Garden committee members are offering a free tour of the garden for children with their parents at 10 a.m. Tuesday, August 8.

The event will showcase the city’s organic community garden, which is celebrating its ninth growing season.

The garden committee members who help make the garden thrive will lead a brief tour and explain how plants grow from seeds and generate seeds.

Afterward, attendees are invited to find some shade in the park and do a garden related activity.

Garden committee member Renate Victor explains, “They’ll find rocks, wash and paint them, dry them on tarps, spray them with a fixative, and then place them around the garden fence to deter digging critters from coming into the garden.”

Silver City is a small community located within both the Comstock Historic District and the Virginia City National Historic Landmark, just three miles from Virginia City and 12 miles from Carson City.

The town’s garden is across from the Silver City School House, 385 High St.

Over the years, the community garden has become a way for neighbors to connect and share.

Renate Victor put it best when she wrote, “The real miracle of this project is the spirit of Silver City. We are a community of diverse individuals who may have little in common, but enthusiastically enjoy the things that unite us.”

The tour is part of Silver City’s annual summer arts and science public programming.