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NDOT seeks public’s feedback on transportation projects

The Nevada Department of Transportation is asking for public comment about transportation projects and improvements outlined in its Work Program document, including updates to the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).

The STIP outlines a four-year plan of federal and state-funded transportation projects, as well as regional transportation improvements funded through local and/or state dollars in accordance with the Federal Aid Highway Act and the Federal Transit Act.

The goal of the projects is to improve the capacity of Nevada’s transportation system, such as increasing the number of lanes, constructing new roads and intersection improvements along with road maintenance projects.

It also includes transit, rail, pedestrian walkway and bicycle facility projects.

Public comment about the list of projects — available at estip.nevadadot.com/comment — can be submitted before it is finalized and approved.

Feedback is due before Aug. 31 via email to jspencer@dot.nv.gov, or by mail to 1263 S. Stewart St., Carson City, 89712, ATTN: Joseph Spencer, Room 205.