AAA Carson City office to offer DMV services |

AAA Carson City office to offer DMV services

Consumers have been enjoying “DMV in a Box” kiosks at AAA since 2008, including three units which accept cash. AAA will be adding a new service; Nevada DMV over the counter transactions at its Carson City location.

The service will be available to members and nonmembers. The branch also services California DMV to members, with the exception of the Dealer services. This will be the only AAA location that provides both Nevada and California services under one roof. Finally, this branch will be open Saturday hours, providing new weekend access to local residents.

As part of a pilot program, patrons will be able to complete services that traditionally would need to be taken to a Nevada DMV office location. This service has been five years in the making and will be the first of its kind to provide two different states, Nevada and California, DMV services in one location. Most services will be open to members and nonmembers.

In 2016, DMV kiosks processed more than 60,000 transactions in AAA branch locations, proving consumers leverage the service found at their local offices. The Kiosk’s at three AAA locations also accept cash payments.

AAA is dedicated to servicing its members with the expertise and quality they have come to expect. AAA offers a wide array of automotive, travel, insurance, DMV, financial services and consumer discounts to more than 5.750 million members.

New over-the-counter services include: Vehicle/motorcycle registration; vehicle/motorcycle title transfers; dealer – new registration; plate replacement; duplicate registration; permits – temporary or one day; individual handicap request or placard; special plate orders; surrender plates and license plate transfers.

For information, call 775-888-6400.