Nonprofit Veterans Healing Camp in Silver Springs seeks volunteers |

Nonprofit Veterans Healing Camp in Silver Springs seeks volunteers

Veterans Healing Camp at 1775 East US Highway 50 in Silver Springs.
Courtesy Conrad Buedel |

Veterans Healing Camp is new nonprofit located in the heart of Silver Springs that is dedicated to helping our local veterans make a successful transition from military to civilian life. The facility is located on a beautiful two-acre property on Highway 50 East in Silver Springs. The mission is to provide a safe place for fun, activities, and fellowship for our veteran community. The goal is to help educate veterans to overcome fear and anxiety to live a healthy and productive life. The desired format will be veterans helping other veterans.

“We are reaching out to our generous community for volunteers, counselors and board members,” said Shahla Fadaie, President of Veterans Healing Camp. “We have a wonderful facility with a home and offices and we just need more helping hands to begin services to help our veterans,” Anyone who would like to help veterans is encouraged to learn more about this worthwhile project. Please visit for more information or contact Shahla Fadaie directly at 775-781-2394.

Veterans Healing Camp needs counselors and speakers who can donate their time to assist with planned programs that include job search and placement, alcohol and drug awareness, life skills assistance, managing finances, suicide prevention and awareness. We also need an accountant to help us with financial planning and taxes.

All veterans are invited for social time at Veterans Healing Camp on Sundays from 6 to 9 p.m. Enjoy fellowship, ping-pong and refreshments and provide input as we discuss the most needed services for veterans that will be provided. If you are a veteran who needs help or you are a veteran who would like to help other veterans, Veterans Healing Camp would like to hear from you.