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RAM health clinic to be discussed at Lyon County School District Board meeting Sept. 27

Karel C. Ancona
For the Nevada Appeal

Thanks to Remote Area Medical, Inc., Healthy Communities Coalition and a cadre of volunteers, 323 people received an array of free health care services at a clinic conducted over the weekend at Silver Stage High School in Silver Springs. In doing this, and at just this clinic alone, more than $110,000 in services were provided, costs that otherwise would have to be picked up by either a state or county agency.

Ron Brewer, RAM clinic director and associate executive director, will be speaking about the clinic and RAM’s mission, at the Lyon County School District Board meeting, Tuesday, Sept. 27, 7 p.m., at Silver Land Middle School, 1100 Jasmine Lane, Fernley.

Raising awareness about how invaluable the clinics are and generating support among the medical community in order to grow the event in coming years, is part of the purpose of Brewer’s appearance.

“It is also important for people to understand the actual monetary value of these services and the impact this has on people who otherwise would not have access to care,” Brewer said. “Between the pap smears and dental check ups and other services, biopsies that are done and other issues that are found, we are saving lives.

“For every 15 or 2 pap smears we do, at least one will come back with an issue even at a clinic this size, which was a smaller clinic.”

Medical personnel and staff donating time is key to the overall success of these clinics, which has been a huge challenge locally. The more doctors willing to give their time, the more people who can be treated.

“Triage is especially important – getting people’s medical histories before they see (care providers),” he said. “When we host these clinics, we can always use the services of any person with (a registered nurse license or higher).”

RAM brings with them everything needed to provide vision services and make glasses on site, but always need eye doctors. Vision services were only available one day this weekend and even so, 62 patients were served. More than $11,000 in vaccines were given and 194 people received dental care and 175 more received various medical services.

“Everyone who attended was able to receive all the services they needed and wanted, and no one was turned away,” Brewer said. “Interestingly, medical services are usually less than 5 percent of the services we provide and this time, medical came in second, which tells me there is great need.”

Underscoring the importance of health care deliveries in ways that require “out-of-the-box” thinking, the kinds of adverse effects when access is not available, as well as how RAM makes a difference in this and communities across the country, are all things Brewer will touch on.

“I will also be talking about how these ladies (Healthy Communities Coalition staff) work very hard to make this clinic happen and the kinds of things that can be done to help them grow this event and get more medical folks and doctors on board,” Brewer said.

For more information regarding RAM, what it does and how to volunteer or donate, visit http://www.ramusa.org or call 865-579-2555. For more information about Healthy Communities Coalition and how you can help the work they do (including volunteering time for next year’s clinics), visit http://www.healthycom.org or call 775-246-7550.