Seniors offered help with paying for prescription medication |

Seniors offered help with paying for prescription medication

A program is available to help seniors cover the cost of prescription medication.

The Senior/Disability Rx program covers the cost of prescription medication for eligible members only while they are in the coverage gap, sometimes called “donut hole,” with their Medicare Part D plan.

The program, which doesn’t provide general prescription assistance and is not a MediGap plan, offers members no co-pay while in the gap.

Qualifications for eligibility include:

Maximum income of $28,709 for single person; $38,270 for married couple (income includes Social Security, pension, IRA, Dividends, gambling winnings, rental property, gifts, and others);

Must have lived continuously in Nevada for at least 12 months prior to the date of application;

Must be eligible for Medicare;

Must not qualify for Full Medicaid (QMB is OK);

Must not qualify for 100 percent Medicare Extra Help program (anything less than 100 percent is OK).

Applications and information can be found at If you are in the coverage gap now and need immediate assistance, call 866-303-6323, and select option 2.