Simerson Events donates $9,500 to Carson City Fair |

Simerson Events donates $9,500 to Carson City Fair

Chelsy Simerson
Carson City Fair co-chair

The 2019 Carson City Fair finished its third year on the last Sunday in July with a record number of participants, exhibits and spectators. The fair’s claim to fame is a focus on local youth livestock shows and traditional exhibits. This year, most people didn’t miss the carnival, due to the free games provided on the grassy area.

Last year, Simerson Events approached members of the Carson City Fair board about organizing a demolition derby to help promote the agriculture-based fair with the intent that proceeds from the derby would be donated back to the fair.

“The board members were excited to add the event as evening entertainment,” said Chelsy Simerson, co-chair of the board. “The prospect of having a consistent funding source was promising as well.”

The months that followed were filled with coordination meetings with the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Department, Simerson Events and the CCF board members to make the inaugural demolition derby a reality. The derby was held Friday and Saturday night of the Fair during the last weekend of July. Both nights sold out to an enthusiastic crowd.

The Carson Valley Active 20-30 Club became early partners to this event. They helped to promote the event and served beer to thirsty spectators. The goal of the Active 20-30 club is to improve the quality of life for children in the Carson Valley through fundraising and hands-on events while developing personal leadership skills.

After the demolition derby, the Active 20-30 Club was able to donate $1,408 back to the Carson City Fair and another $1,408 to the local 4-H youth clubs. Simerson Events was able to donate an impressive $9,500 back to the Carson City Fair.

“The Carson City Fair is extremely blessed to have amazing partners like these who believe in the importance of this local agricultural fair,” said Simerson. “After this year’s success, these organizations are already making plans for next year’s event to be even better.”

If you would like to be a part of the Carson City Fair or would like to know more about this annual event, please visit the Fair’s website at