Are 3-D movie glasses sanitary? |

Are 3-D movie glasses sanitary?

Jennifer LaRue Huget
Special to The Washington Post

In its July issue, Good Housekeeping magazine tested seven pairs of 3-D glasses, three that were wrapped and four unwrapped, and found that none of them were bacteria-free. While most of the bacteria (collected via swabs that were sent to an independent lab) was deemed harmless, one set of glasses bore Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, which can cause pinkeye and other infections.

The magazine, which doesn’t say which theaters it visited, recommends cleaning 3-D glasses with alcohol wipes or even taking them to the restroom to wash them with soap and water. A dry tissue rubdown removed some, but far from all, of the bacteria.

Even if you don’t think to take any such measures, though, your risk of getting sick from movie glasses is pretty low, according to this account.

Adapted from The Post’s daily health blog.