Are you getting flaky? Find out why |

Are you getting flaky? Find out why

By Kathleen Williams-Miller
Fluffy is a striking 13-year-old gray/white domestic short hair. She has divine green eyes that sparkle. Her favorite things are being petted, having treats, and being with people. Fluffy is looking for a home where she will be loved and cared for. Come out and meet this adorable girl.

Watson here and since we have been staying home, I’ve been getting extra attention. Yes, everyday mom or dad brushes me, cleans my teeth, and makes sure I’m comfy. Actually, I’m spoiled rotten. Recently, during one of my brushing sessions, mom uncovered flakes.

Could this be dandruff? With a little sleuthing, mom found information on skin conditions common in dogs. There are several types of skin maladies affecting dogs.

Dandruff is the presence of dead skin cells. However, simple things such as daily brushing, a balanced diet, and dietary supplements can go a long way to remedy this problem. Some of the other skin problems require more intervention.

Walking dandruff is a parasitic infection call Cheyletiellosis that is caused by mites. If your pup is scratching, licking, or biting his skin, check the area for hair loss, redness, and scaly patches. This type of dandruff is extremely contagious because the mites can spread to other pets and humans. When you notice redness and scaly patches, get to the vet, pronto!

Seborrhea, a condition sort of like acne in humans, causes greasy skin because of overactive oil glands. There isn’t a definite explanation why this happens, but genetics is suspected.

Bacterial and fungal skin infections are serious, because they cause hot spots or greasy patches. These infections can set up a vicious cycle that totally depletes the skin’s ability to protect itself. If your BFF has hot spots or greasy patches, check with your vet for treatment.

One of the most common reasons for flaky skin is dry climate. Living in the desert can be challenging for dogs skin so the best ways to combat flakes are:

1. Brush your dog once a day.

2. Add omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid to your pup’s food and give him plenty of water.

3. Use a soap-free, natural shampoo made in the USA.

Well, after a brushing and a bath, I’m glowing. No more flakes for this boy!

XOXO Watson


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