Assembly sustains vetoes |

Assembly sustains vetoes

Appeal Capitol Bureau

The Assembly sustained Gov. Jim gibbons’ vetoes Saturday of AB230 and AB326.

AB230 would have expanded the jurisdiction of justice courts in criminal cases where an agent of the state Agriculture Department arrested someone. In addition, it would have allowed those arrests and NHP arrests to be handled in counties other than the county where the offense occurred.

Gibbons said in his veto message there is “simply no compelling need to put arrests by the Department of Agriculture on an equivalent jurisdictional level as arrests made by the Nevada Highway Patrol.” And he objected to allowing the inspector to select the county where the case would be heard.

AB326 would have required state government to compile a list of all state-owned and local-government-owned unreinforced masonry buildings.

Gibbons said that would require an exhaustive and expensive review that would outweigh any benefits.

The assembly voted unanimously to sustain both vetoes.