Attorney General warns of e-mail scam |

Attorney General warns of e-mail scam

by F.T. Norton

The Attorney General’s Office is warning people of an e-mail scam in which it appears banks, credit card companies and other financial businesses are asking consumers to provide information concerning their account, including private identifying information.

The e-mails usually contain official-looking logos and include an Internet address to respond to, which appears to be a legitimate e-mail address for those companies.

After receiving several inquiries, investigators contacted the fraud divisions of the companies and confirmed the e-mails are scams.

Legitimate banking and other companies do not solicit personal identifying information or account information through the use of telemarketers or e-mail, according to the Attorney General’s Office Bureau of Consumer Protection.

Should consumers receive such an e-mail, check the authenticity of the messages at, said Deputy Attorney General John Glamery.

“Never provide any credit card, bank accounts or other personal identifying information to anyone via the Internet or telephone unless you, the consumer, are the one that initiated the contact,” said Attorney General Brian Sandoval.

If you are contacted by e-mail, regular mail or telephone to provide personal information, locate the company’s customer service number through an independent source, such as your local telephone directory, and call to confirm the request for information.

Never provide such information to anyone who refuses to identify him or herself or to provide their address and local telephone number.

Questions regarding these or other consumer issues can contact the Nevada Office of the Attorney General, Bureau of Consumer Protection at (775) 687-6300 in Northern Nevada, or (702) 486-3194 in Southern Nevada.

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