Back from winter break at college |

Back from winter break at college

by Jeffrey Rogers

A solid month of vacationing and recharging has passed. And the time has come to look back and reflect on the vacations and also plan for the here and now that directly affects the typical college student.

Whether braving the cold weather or relaxing in the warm-weather destinations, we all have to come back to the prospect of building our futures. We face uncertainty every time we wake up from slumber. We will be judged on how many degrees or accolades are in our pockets, or maybe it’s the alliances we mold for the future. And let us not forget that these moments are here and gone in a heartbeat. For one new student, a former student at Carson High, an engineering degree begins the adventure.

Anthony Reeves is beginning his first semester in college, and is ready to make a life impact. Anthony has spent his last two years serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He is a little rusty on going to school, but not on his wit or turn of phrase.

For the next four years, his quest will be a bachelor’s degree in engineering. He was asked about how he spent his winter vacation and what he expects from the college atmosphere.

Brace yourself for the response.

“I like to roller skate and roller-blade, so much of my time I’m at the rink or working,” he said. “I drive around town checking out chicks – well, I don’t do that too much. I went on a trip to Pennsylvania, New York and fabulous Cleveland for some sightseeing. Cleveland was cool. but I wouldn’t go as far as saying ‘Cleveland rocks,’ even though I haven’t spent too much time in Cleveland. Honestly. I work, skate, read, and, finally, sleep.

“My current thoughts about going to Western Nevada (Community College) for the first time is that I am going to have to study my butt off because I haven’t gone to school for two years. Math will be fun. I love math, just haven’t used it for quite some time.

“I’m excited because I like to go to school and learn, which is weird, but it works for me. Working and having fun at the same time will be an awesome experience. My concern is getting the grades and learning those pesky math classes. I will need those more than the others.”

Some are winding down their time at WNCC and are looking forward to taking another step deeper into the future. This could mean moving out of state or preparing a resumé for the big interview. Something a friend told me in preparation for this story was the importance of reminiscing and having friends to fall back on when change happens to our lives.

— Jeffrey Rogers is a student at Western Nevada Community College.