Becker loses judge seat to Saitta, Douglas retains post |

Becker loses judge seat to Saitta, Douglas retains post

Staff and wire reports

After serving eight years, Justice Nancy Becker lost her seat on the Nevada Supreme Court on Tuesday to Clark County District Judge Nancy Saitta, while Justice Michael Douglas defeated Clark County Family Court Judge Dianne Steel.

Clark County District Judge Michael Cherry ran unopposed for the Supreme Court’s Seat C.

In the Supreme Court Seat G race, Becker, 51, fought Saitta’s attacks on her record.

Saitta, 55, criticized a Becker decision against an International Game Technology whistleblower, eminent domain cases and a 2003 decision that said lawmakers could pass a big tax measure without a two-thirds majority.

Saitta also questioned Becker’s financial support, contending more than a third of Becker’s campaign contributions came from special interests.

Becker, who joined the court in 1999, said Saitta was backed by a group of lawyers who don’t like some of her rulings. She said she stands by her decisions even though they are sometimes unpopular.

Saitta was mentioned in a political corruption trial in which former strip club mogul Michael Galardi claimed she favored club owners in a lawsuit after he gave her a $10,000 campaign contribution. She denied it.

Douglas, the first black to serve on the Nevada Supreme Court, pledges to work to streamline appeals, provide fast-track processing for child-custody appeals and improve courthouse security.

He garnered 49 percent or 246,622 votes to Steel’s 36 percent or 181,757 votes.