Best of Carson nomination period now open |

Best of Carson nomination period now open

Rob Galloway

This time of year is one of my favorites. The weather is neither too hot nor too cold, my golf game comes out of its winter slumber, and the excitement around the Best of Carson starts to take hold. Beginning Monday, and running through June 9, the nomination period for the Best of Carson will be open.

I’ve lived in Carson City for about 19 years. In that time, I’m not sure there was a single year where I didn’t notice at least one business sporting the Best of Carson logo, touting their win.

And who wouldn’t?

Knowing that the community in the Nevada capital has voted their business (or them) as the best should be shouted from the rooftops. Everyone should get excited about the process, not only because it means something to be voted as the best, but this is something the entire community can participate in.

Nominations for the Best of Carson can be made at

Just like last year, we will open up the nomination period for people to write in their favorites in the various categories. People can nominate more than one business, but can only nominate in each category once per day. Once the nominations are tallied, there is about a two-week window to vote for the finalists.

We do have one small tweak to the process this year. While the nomination period was created to help level the playing field and give folks ample enough time to nominate their favorites, we will only be taking the top nominated people and businesses into the voting finals – that makes the nomination period extremely important.

Why this change? Well, it cleans up the entire process. In some cases we would have more than 20 businesses nominated and some of those businesses may have only received one nomination while the top one, hundreds. Obviously, when trying to find the best, you want the best of the best to decide from. I get that you’re never going to truly get a list that’s all of your favorites. But we’re shooting for the consensus best — just like politics.


Why did I have to go and throw politics into a perfectly good discussion about the best businesses and people? Well, honestly, politicking is part of the fun. If you’re a business owner why would you not want your customers voting for you? If they frequent your business, or know you are the best at what you do, they’re exactly the person you want participating.

As also with politics, there’s always people who are going to feel like there’s some cheating going on. The beauty of having our voting online is that we can detect if anything fishy is going on. So fear not, our goal is your goal. We want the best people and businesses getting recognized for being the best people and businesses. Well, that and we want people to have fun doing it.

Good luck everyone. May your best be victorious.

Nominations for the Best of Carson can be made at

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