Biodiesel fueling station a hit |

Biodiesel fueling station a hit

Adam Jensen

Three months after one of the Lake Tahoe region’s first biodiesel pumps began operation, Roadrunner Gas and Liquor in Meyers is reporting a steady flow of customers.

Sixty-three registered individuals, as well as several corporate customers, have pumped 4,500 gallons of the vegetable oil-derived fuel since the station opened the pump in May, according to Roadrunner’s co-owner, Mike Murphy.

“The demand is definitely there,” Murphy said on Thursday. “People pull up to the pump every day, but they’re not registered yet — that’s a little bit frustrating.”

The pump is card-locked and requires registration with the state of California to operate.

Applications for cards to use the pump can be found at

At $3.50 per gallon for individuals and $3.30 per gallon for corporate accounts, biodiesel at Roadrunner is more expensive than traditional diesel, but emissions from burning the fuel contain significant reductions in carbon monoxide, particulate matter and hydrocarbons when compared to traditional diesel, according to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency data.

Slightly increased amounts of nitrous oxides are released from the use of biodiesel, according to the same data.

Murphy is planning to switch to a biodiesel blend suitable for cold climates in early October and is considering the addition of other alternative fuels, like ethanol or hydrogen, to the Roadrunner lineup.

“That would require major investment on our part, but I think it would be worth it,” Murphy said on Thursday.