Brief: Manufactured Homes license revoked |

Brief: Manufactured Homes license revoked

by staff

The Department of Business and Industry, Manufactured Housing Division, has revoked a license issued to Timothy D. Woods on behalf of AA Manufactured Homes Inc.

Timothy P. Wirth, who had recently assumed control of the dealership without the Manufactured Housing Division’s approval, was reportedly killed in a single-vehicle rollover accident in Henderson in September.

Woods admitted to a violation of the licensing laws and agreed to the revocation, Attorney General Frankie Sue Del Papa said.

The dealership, using identities and credit histories obtained from prospective buyers, had been forging the individuals’ signatures on retail installment contracts.

Persons who believe they have been defrauded by AA Manufactured Homes, Inc. should contact the State Manufactured Housing Division in Las Vegas at 486-4135 to obtain information.