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Gold Strike Gifts

122 South C St., Virginia City


Joyce Kveum, proprietor

What I actually do: I do customer service, that’s the main thing. I do it all, I buy, I merchandise, I clean, I sell, I do the books, I do it all.

What do you sell: I carry a lot of very unique things. I have western items, a lot of animals, eagles, bears, horses, mountain lions. Some jewelry and Swarovski crystal jewelry and prisms, and Dragonsite fairies, beasties, kids’ toys and sports team items. I’m very diverse and eclectic and I also do artisan pieces and lots of local art and music.

Family: Husband Randy, two daughters, Suzanne and Stephanie.

Where I grew up: I was a military brat. I was tossed from pillar to post. I was in a Masonic home when my mom was hurt and couldn’t take care of me. Mostly in the Midwest, but also California and Nevada.

My first job: A&W Root Beer slinging burgers on roller skates.

How I got it: I applied and I could roller skate.

Favorite pastimes: Reading and talking to people.

Best advice I ever got: Don’t go to bed angry.

What I would do with $1 million: I would maybe set up a food co-op in Virginia City or find something else good to do with it, or I couldn’t live with it.

My inspiration: I’m doing what I love. I love buying things, I love putting things out and making it look pretty and I love talking to people and making people happy.