Bright-red Snow Flowers blooming at Davis Lake |

Bright-red Snow Flowers blooming at Davis Lake

Don Quilici

Davis Lake, Calif., which is just north of Portola (about 80 miles from Carson City) has some spectacular wildflowers blooming at the present time.

The best area to enjoy those colorful wildflowers is along the east side of Grizzly Road, which runs along east side of Davis Lake.

Grizzly Road turns off of Calif. S.R. 70, about seven miles east of Portola.

Along that road, you will find large patches of blue Lupine and yellow “Skunk Cabbage,” where there is timber with open areas.

If you look very carefully, you will also see many different Snow Flowers also blooming.

This rare and bright-red flower only blooms in those type of areas, where the snow has recently melted.

If you go there, remember that it is against the law to disturb a Snow Flower.

If parking or walking along the roadside, be careful of the high-speed traffic.