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Burning Man goes up in flames

Burning Man is a lot more than just the Man going up in smoke.

The playa close to the town of Gerlach is a temporary museum once a year for dozens of unusual art works scattered about.

Most of them, including the Shape of the Future made of 100 miles of wooden 2-by-4s, followed the Man. This was the 20th year of Burning Man, which started as a beach bonfire for friends in San Francisco before moving to Nevada.

The affair celebrates alternate lifestyles, and those taking part dress in everything from angel costumes to … well, nothing. Weird vehicles roam the playa as dancers, magicians and pyromaniacs party away.

The event is not cheap; after all, it costs to build a city of 35,000 for a one-week celebration. Tickets started at $280 back in July and before the box office closed were going for nearly $500 – this is not an inexpensive week.

No food is sold, only ice and water along with nonalcoholic coffee-type drinks. Critics bemoan holding the affair on public Bureau of Land Management land, but their voices are drowned out by the thousands who come – singles, couples, families with kids and newspaper people.

– Sam Bauman