Business briefcase |

Business briefcase

Company Name: Camel Barn Antiques & Such

Address: 200 Pike Street Street, Old Town Dayton

Contact Information: 246-0663

Name: Carole Wiseman

Job/position: Owner/Operator

What I actually do: I run a small business with antiques, painted furniture, knick-knacks, old and new jewelry, vintage clothing, hand-made soaps and other items of interest. I have a friend from nursing school who is also a nurse that runs it for me on a chosen day and has items also for sale.

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Family: I have been married to my husband, Les, for 19 years, and he helps me with the hard labor of the business. I also have three sons Randy, 40, of Clearlake Oaks, Calif.; Chris, 38, of Sacramento, Calif. who is married to Kelli and expecting a boy in October. Wally is 32 and lives in Carson City, but works in Long Island, N.Y., and is a hospital consultant there.

Where I grew up: Fresno, Calif.

My first job: I was a hairdresser. Actually, working in a salon at 19 years old was my first “real” job.

Favorite pastimes: I enjoy decorating, working in my yard, running the shop, scrapbooking and going to antique shops.

The best advice I ever got: Never let ’em see you sweat.

If I had a million dollars: I would buy a cottage by the sea, go to France and help my children.

My inspiration: My mother and all I learned from her about being a good human being, being nice to others and having a good work ethic.