Business Briefcase |

Business Briefcase

S & S Deli and

Mini Market

(also recently purchased Quizno’s in Dayton)

Address: 100 Douglas St., Dayton

Contact: 246-0500

Name: Balkar (Bobby) Singh Bhullar

Job/position: Self-employed co-owner

What I actually do: I sell fuel and groceries to people in my community.

Family: My wife, Sarah, daughter, Seerat, son, Keerat; also my brother Harjit (Harry) Singh (co-owner), his wife, Kamaljeetkaur, (Kim) and their son, Maroon Singh.

Where I grew up: In the India state Punjab and the city of Amritsar

My first job: in America was in 1991 working at a bakery in Virginia. It was a very hot, hard job.

How I got it: The wife of a family friend.

Favorite pastimes: Spending time with my family.

Best advice I ever got: I was working long, hard hours for someone else and a friend said “Why not buy your own business and work hard for yourself?”

What I would do with $1 million: I would pay off the loan for my business. I would still come to work every day, but life would be a little easier for my family and our future.

My inspiration: Is for my children to grow up and be the best people; well-rounded, healthy, happy, well-educated and to fulfill their life’s dreams. This is also my dream for all my family and would make me a happy man.