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Business Profile

Cathleen Allison/Nevada Appeal Brian Dyer of Dayton Valley Service repairs a truck Tuesday afternoon at his downtown Dayton shop.

Dayton Valley Service

105 Highway 50 E.


Name: Brian and Wendy Dyer

Job/position: Owners

What we do: We are a full-service garage and do everything except air condition and alignments, and this is due to space constraints.

Family: Two daughters, Brooke, 15 and Karlee, 11; two dogs; two cats

Where we grew up: Wendy was born and raised in Reno, and Brian came to Reno at age 9, by way of Las Vegas and Sapulpa, Okla.

Our first jobs: I worked at Håagen-Dazs Ice Cream, and Brian worked at Wendy’s.

How we got them: Nothing spectacular; filled out the application and followed up.

Favorite past times: Wendy enjoys reading, playing with the dogs and games with the girls. Brian enjoys 4-wheeling, and as a family, we like camping and Jet-skiing.

Best advice we ever got: When it came time to put together the business plan, people told us to just jump in and go for it. That helped give us the courage to pursue our dream.

What we would do with $1 million: We would expand the business to a six-bay shop. We would buy our own land and building.

Our inspiration: For me, it’s the girls and family as a whole; for Brian, it’s his girls and his dad.