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9 Lives Consignment comes to Carson City

9 Lives Consignment is bringing new life to the fashion industry in Carson City.

When Nae Woody decided to open 9 Lives Consignment six months ago, she had just one dream: to bring high end fashion at a reasonable price to Carson City.

“When I moved back to Carson City, I realized there were no fashion jobs around here so I decided to create my own work,” Woody said.

The feline-inspired shop carries big names such as authenticated clothes and accessories from Chanel, Prada, Anthropologie, Free People, and more.

“I am trying to bring things people have never seen,” Woody said. “My obsession has transformed into this store.”

Woody has been involved with fashion her entire life; she has her bachelor’s in fashion design, has worked as a personal consultant, and more. And she hopes everyone can come in and find pieces that speak to them.

“It is about celebrating yourself,” Woody said. “There is no discrimination and everyone is welcome… I want people to come in and find one of a kind things.”

She fills her shop with high end items, collected from around the world.

“I am picky about what I have, I have to be,” Woody said. “I have friends who send me things from New York… Unfortunately Carson isn’t much of a fashion resource so I can’t really depend on it to bring me in my stock.”

Woody said she receives samples and clothes from models and designers she’s friends with who are given clothes from different countries and different designers.

“I like to do a lot of research on what’s coming out on the runway so that I can know what to provide to my customers,” Woody said.

In addition to selling clothes, Woody also offers her fashion expertise to her customers, and is wiling to help build outfits for those who come in.

For Woody, the best part is the customers who come into her shop.

“It is about the sisterhood,” Woody said. “It is about being girlfriends with every woman who comes in here, they become my sister.”

But not everything has come smoothly with the opening of 9 Lives.

“Everything is a learning curve,” Woody said. “But I chose the business and I enjoy every day.”

Woody and her husband built the business from the ground up, from installing all the floors and ceilings, painting, and designing and creating their own logo.

“It is so much more gratifying that I did it myself,” Woody said. “And I get to be my own boss, it is nice that I can come to work and can decorate how I want and play my own music and do what I want… I had my husband who supported me all the way, so I had all the support I needed.”

Because it’s a consignment shop, one difficulty is there isn’t always a plethora of sizes, but Woody feels her selection makes up for it.

“Right now I take all sizes so if it is cute I want it,” Woody said. “I am not going to dress you in something bad, so I would rather have one piece in one size than a million you wouldn’t be caught dead in.”

But at the end of the day, Woody is just excited to get to share this industry with the capital city.

“It is fun, fashion should be fun and available for any budget,” Woody said. “I am grateful for all who come into my store and I am happy that people are finding me…It is about creating a fashionable community.”

The 9 Lives Consignment is located at 711 S Carson Street, Suite 1 and are open from 11:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday.