Area business markets emergency kits for pets |

Area business markets emergency kits for pets

John Strom
Special to the Appeal

“Be Your Pet’s Hero” is the banner headline on Pet Evac Pak’s website. Their Emergency Survival Kits allow you to be just that in an emergency situation. They’re specifically designed with your pet in mind — big dog kits, small dog kits and cat kits, according to a media release.

Business partner’s Michelle Danielson and Claudia Wiles were inspired to start the business after Danielson collected donations and traveled to Texas after Hurricane Harvey. Called “Marshall’s Mission” after her dog, they delivered much-needed supplies to shelters and along the way rescued four dogs who were about to be euthanized. Back home she was able to find them the perfect families.

Danielson and Wiles, with their therapy dogs, Marshall and Echo, regularly visit a residential treatment facility for kids and a senior retirement home. Claudia and Echo go to the VA hospital and hang out with passengers at the airport. This past year they hauled over 15,000 pounds of pet food and supplies to Paradise, California, after the wildfire there.

Danielson and Wiles worked with SCORE mentors in setting up their business.

“They helped us with all the nickel and dime stuff necessary to establish a business. They helped us write our business plan and made sure we were ready to go,” the release said. Danielson and Wiles describe themselves as a “perfect match.” Danielson handles the marketing, buying and people part of the business; Wiles is the numbers person. For information, go to

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