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Cynthia Sanchez styles Linda Norris' hair Thursday morning at CJ & Co. Salon in North Carson City. Cathleen Allison/ Nevada Appeal

CJ & Co. Salon

101 Hot Springs Road,

Ste. 4D


Name: Cynthia Sanchez

Position: Hairdresser

Her co-employees: Deanna Fuentes, Taunna Morris, Carol Wyatt and Sue Maki.

How she got started: Styling her mother’s hair, while growing up in Las Vegas. After that, she earned her “movie money” doing hair for cocktail waitresses and then got her training at a vocational center. She’s been in the business for 40 years.

Her clientele: Mostly older women with whom she’s worked for more than 20 years. She wasn’t working in this store, formerly called The Works, for about a year because it was under a different owner. She came back with the other stylists, though, in January.

Why her clientele is like that: Younger people don’t come in every week, but only for a cut or hair color every several weeks.

How styles come back: They come back about every 25 years, just modified for the time. She said she’s seeing bi-level cuts, shag Sassoon cuts and bright colors for younger people.