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BRAD HORN/Nevada Appeal Robert Klingel displays some of his tattoos created by Hooligans Ink owner Sean Dawley, pictured at left.

Hooligans Ink

1501 Fairview Drive, No. 20


Name: Sean Dawley

Position: Owner

The business: Dawley opened the custom tattoo shop at the beginning of the month. He’s been tattooing 22 years and also runs the Electric Pencil in South Lake Tahoe.

How he got into the business: Dawley got his first tattoo when he was 14 at a flee market in San Jose. He did his first tattoo when he was 18 and has loved it ever since.

His art: He doesn’t like to leave a tattoo with a two-dimensional look. He said he likes to make he jump out with texturing and detail work.

His favorite tattoo he’s done: He said just did a big back tattoo of a KISS album cover that he really liked.

Why the name: He said he used to be a hooligan when we has younger, but now he’s just having fun with the name to add some mystique to the shop.

His advice: Look around and do research before you get a tattoo. He said 35 percent of the tattoos he does are cover-ups.