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Briefcase – SportsClips


935 Topsy Lane, ste. 454


Name: John Sullivan

Position: Team leader

Background: Grew up in Carson City. Both parents are educators in the city. Played baseball at Carson High School. He decided to go into business when he realized “at the end of the day, I couldn’t hit. You know, you can’t make it to the pros, you better figure something out.”

Appeal of Sports Clips: Fast, good sports themed service targeted at men. He called it a “man spa.”

Why men don’t like most other salons: Either bad service or overly-feminine service. Makes men want to “just go in and get it cut.”

Favorite treatment there: The “MVP Haircut” – haircut, massaging shampoo, steamed towel, leave-in conditioner and neck and shoulder massage.

His hair cutting ability: “I’m not a stylist. I don’t know how to cut hair. I never will cut hair. I mean, I can probably give you a buzz but it probably won’t look that good.”