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Business briefcase

Cathleen Allison/Nevada Appeal Julia Shadden is the owner of, an Internet-based company that sells key fobs that hold guitar picks.

business briefcase

1891 Nichols Lane


Name: Julia Shadden

Position: Owner

Product: The KeyPik. It’s a key chain with a guitar pick-shaped container that holds up to two guitar picks.

Price: $3

Where it came from: John Phillips, a friend, invented the KeyPik at his kitchen table and then patented it. They are made locally at Mattox Machine & Molding. Various colors are available.

Her background: She works three jobs now, and this is her first business. “I don’t play a lick of music but I have always had a great appreciation for music,” she said.

How the product will get known: Shadden wants to advertise at trade shows, local music stores and in guitar magazines.

Who will use it besides musicians: Businesses who buy the KeyPik in bulk and put their names on it to advertise.