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Business briefcase

BRAD HORN/Nevada Appeal Richard Gunkel stands next to his residential solar panel system which is a 6 Kilowatt PV array at one of his Carson City properties Wednesday. Gunkel is a consultant for alternative forms of energy.

G Energy Solutions

1778 Airport Road, Suite B


Name: Richard Gunkel, director

His business: It’s an energy development company as well as a sustainable energy consulting company. It works with both commercial and residential developments.

How he started: The business stemmed from his work developing a geothermal-powered industrial park east of Fernley called Geothermal Rail Industrial Development. He and other developers want it to be the nation’s largest renewable energy industrial park when it’s done.

What he did before: He was in real estate and mortgage financing but saw the market shifting. He said the experience helps him in his new line of work.

Where he’s from: He lives and grew up in Carson City. His house is powered by solar and wind energy. “It’s kind of neat to watch my meter spin backwards as I generate credits for a later date,” he said.

How affordable energy-efficient homes are: Gunkel said that over the long run energy-efficient homes cost the same or less than homes powered by coal-based electricity. It’s a larger cost up front, he said, but the savings through rebates, tax write-offs and no electricity bills add up over time.