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Business Briefcase

1805 N. Carson St., #38


Name: Heather Ware

Position: As owner of Ware Consulting, she is a computer consultant and trainer for businesses. She also builds custom databases.

How she’s doing in the slow economy: Ware said she’s been able to stay busy since opening about a month ago by offering free consultations and listening carefully to what customers want.

What businesses are concerned about: She said many businesses need to save time because they’ve lost staff and don’t want to waste anytime entering duplicate information into computers. She said she helps businesses pick the right software to save time.

What other ways businesses can save time and money: She said they should switch from mail to e-mail, but should let customers know first so the e-mail won’t be flagged as spam. Businesses can also put documents and forms online, she said, but need to make sure those are formatted right.

What software businesses use incorrectly most often: Microsoft Word. She said businesses often force customers to print off forms from the Internet and mail them in, because it’s difficult to fill them out online.

What businesses can do in general in the slow economy: She said they should train every employee they have to be able to do more. The customers she has aren’t complaining and are determined to succeed, she said.