Business Briefs Feb. 14, 2010 |

Business Briefs Feb. 14, 2010

Golf course under new ownership

The Sunridge Golf Club is under new ownership.

Wes Hull, 31, and John Heldman, 39, took over the golf course in south Carson City on Feb. 1. Hull is the former general manager there and Heldman the former director of golf.

“Now we’re going to take on this place and hopefully try to make it something that it’s never been,” Hull said.

The former owner, Bill Wellman, lives in Las Vegas.

“He just didn’t have the time to put in to be devoted to the golf course like we can.”

Hull said they will lower the rates to help attract more local players to the 18-hole course. A single full round of golf costs $30 with a cart.

“Where it was before, it was more priced towards bringing tourists and bringing people down from the lake,” Hull said.

– Brian Duggan

Nevada ranks lowest in standard of living

More people in Nevada say they’re unhappy with their standard of living than any other state, according to a new poll released by Gallup last week.

The poll, conducted throughout 2009, included the responses from 350,000 Americans. Only 69 percent of the 2,837 Nevadans interviewed said they were satisfied with their standard of living. In 2008, it was 70.4 percent.

The other two unhappiest states: Rhode Island and Michigan.

North Dakotans were the happiest lot with 82.3 percent of the 968 people interviewed there reporting they are satisfied with their standard of living. South Dakota and Alaska followed at No. 2 and No. 3.

“Despite the many serious economic problems facing the country in 2009 – and consumers’ resulting pessimism about the economy – the great majority of residents of every state were upbeat about their own standard of living last year,” Lydia Saad wrote for Gallup.

“This still left nearly 30 percent of Americans dissatisfied in many states, highlighting the clear need for improvement. However, in most states the 2009 readings were slightly improved over 2008.”

Dayton chamber hosting mixer

The Dayton Chamber of Commerce is hosting a mixer at the Historic Tahoe House Hotel, 162 C St., in Virginia City on Thursday.

The event will be in the hotel’s upstairs great room and starts at 5:30 p.m. There will be live music, hors d’oeuvres and raffle prizes. Participating businesses can bring their products for the raffle.

Marketing training offered for area businesses

A business inspiration group will host a 10-week program for businesses to develop marketing plans.

Reno-based Kalena Associates will hold the programs designed to “teach you how to leave your ‘rational’ mind behind and tap into your intuitive side” to help create a marketing plan for 2010.

The program will include three groups of 10 entrepreneurs and businesses owners from Reno, Carson City and Carson Valley.

The “Infinity Project” starts March 3 at 9 a.m. in Carson City and ends May 8. Early bird registration by Feb. 22 costs $198. After that its $350.

Contact Kalena Thiessen at 775-721-3932 or for more information.