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Business licenses

Business licenses issued in Carson City as of Dec. 21

Capitol Fitness, 206 S. Carson St., new fitness center/dance studio, Peter Price, owner.

DC Electrical, Inc., O of T, new contractor – electrical, Craig Etling, owner.

Del Taco LLC, 822 College Pkwy, new restaurant/fast food/pizza take out, Del Taco, LLC, owner.

Ediss Quality Home Repair, 317 Lee St., #A, new handyman (repairs only) Gregory A. Ediss, owner.

Eisor Inc., 2533 N. Carson St., new contract offices (resident agents)

Fluff and Fold, 2015 N. Carson St., new laundromat/diaper service, Maddax LLC, owner.

Fruteria California, 1891 E. Long St., new ethnic products/specialty shop/food, Rudolfo Medina, owner.

Hunt Company LLC, 2533 N. Carson St., new contract offices (resident agents) Scott Burnett, owner.

K9 Dezine, 178 Lisa Wy, new graphics, Lisa Gardner, owner.

Openview Investments LLC, 1802 N. Carson St., Suite #212, new contract offices (resident agents) Lor Mai Zong, owner.

Pruetz Annie L., 625 Fairview Dr., Suite #0127, new independent-cosmetologist, Annie L. Pruetz, owner.

Rich Lee Construction Co., O of T., new contractor-general building, Rich Lee, owner.

Roethel John Edward, 769 Basque Way, new attorney/paralegal, John E. Roethel, owner.

Sierra Nevada Equipment Inc, O of T, new out of town business no office in Carson City, Stuart Ross, owner.

Terribles 853, 1830 Hwy 50 E., new auto parts sales/truck parts sales, Berry Hinckley Industries, owner.

The Firkin and Fox, 310 S. Carson St., new gaming licenses, High Sierra Food and Beverage, Inc., owner.

Wadims Inc., 2533 N. Carson St., new contract offices (resident agents)

New firms listed in Douglas County as of Dec. 21

A Design, 2183 Quail Valley, graphic design, Cindy, Denny, owner.

Allstart Grill, 924 Mica Dr., restaurant/bar, Jerome A. Mason, owner.

Alta Group, the, 150 Yerington Cir., consulting, Johne C. Deane, owner.

Carson Valley Violins/Violin School, 2838 E. Valley Rd., teaching/retail musical instruments, John M. O’Neill, owner.

Eagle Vision, 3770 Highway 395 S., optometrist, Farnaz Khankhanian, owner.

Friday Night Live Nevada, 1126 North Fork Trails, non-profit youth activity center, Timothy Hartman, owner.

Gary’s Muscle Car Restoration, 2888 San Juan Cir., car restoration, Gary Lewis Duncan.

Gunsten Construction, 2776 Squires St., construction, Steve Gunsten, owner.

Lake Side Liquor, 607 Highway 50 #A, liquor store, Jagrup Singh, owner.

Nevada Hypnosis, 1528 Hwy 395 Ste 100, hypnosis, Daniel A. Misch, owner.

PPIC LLC, 1197 Manhattan Wy., personal prop inventory/HM/bus, Tim C. Miller, owner.

Shoemaker Press, 812 Cayuse Dr., art, Darla Shoemaker, owner.

Two Dogs Farm, 1917 Eldon Wy., horse breeding/retirement/rehab, Philip Michael Behenna, owner.