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Business Licenses

Business licenses issued in Carson City as of Feb. 13

A County Chapel, O of T, new out of town business, Debra Mehringer, owner.

A Magical Memory, 390 E. Bonanza Drive, new wedding chapel/events center, Alicia Evenson, owner.

A Touch of the Sun, 1501 E. Fifth Street No. 201, new cosmetic/beauty care, Dawn E. Umphries, owner.

Auto Pros, 3170 S. Carson Street, new auto repair/truck/RV repair, Bill E. Herron, owner.

Benchmark Plumbing, O of T, new contractor plumbing and heating, Sunset Plumbing, owner.

Berkshire Holdings LLC, 2533 N. Carson Street, new contract offices resident agents, Berkshire Holdings LLC, owner.

Black Canyon Holdings Inc., 2533 N. Carson Street, new contract offices resident agents, Black Canyon Holdings Inc., owner.

Brake Solutions, 4050 Line Drive, new hobby supplemental income, Brake Solutions, owner.

Brunos Complete Carpet Service, O of T, new out of town business, Brunos Complete Carpet Service.

C&C Fence LLC, O of T, new contractor fencing equipment playground, C&C Fence LLC, owner.

CBM Construction, 807 Musser Street, new contractor residential/small commercial, CBM Construction, owner.

Colleen’s Photography, 1090 E. Second Street, new photographers camera/video, Colleen’s Photography, owner.

Daniel’s Cleaning, 33 Bryan Circle, new cleaning service/janitorial, Raul Rojas-Larios, owner.

Earth, Turf, & Timber, O of T, new out of town business, Brandon Hinsz, owner.

Hall Michael, 1491 Mountain Park Drive, new handyman repairs only, Michael Hall, owner.

Knife Kings LLC, 2533 N. Carson Street, new contract offices resident agents, Knife Kings LLC, owner.

Kordonowy Demolition, 1090 E. Second Street, new handyman repairs only, Richard “Jerrad” Kordonowy, owner.

Marathon Engineering Corp, O of T, new contractors exempt, Marathon Engineering Corp, owner.

Parker Jack, 3515 Imperial Way, new lawn maintenance/supplies, Jack Parker, owner.

Piedmont Truss & Lumber Inc., O of T, new out of town business, Peidmont Truss & Lumber Inc., owner.

R&G Enterprises Inc., 2533 N. Carson Street, new contract offices resident agents, R&G Enterprises Inc., owner.

Sign Up, 390 E. Bonanza Drive, new advertising/marketing/distributing, Sign Up, owner.

Smoke Shop, 1953 N. Carson Street, new grocery store/convenience store, smoke Shop, owner.

Subway No. 10368, 100 W. Winnie Lane, Kirpal Ventures Inc., owner.

The Grass Barber, O of T, new out of town business, Debra K. Mehringer, owner.

The Last Harvest Church, 2210 Lone Mountain Drive, new non-profit organizations, The Last Harvest Church, owner.

Tompkins Wendy, 2401 Poole Way, new child/elderly care business, Wendy S. Tompkins, owner.

White Willy, 1254 Calico Street, new handyman repairs only, Willy White, owner.

Wilson Terili, 220 “A” W. Telegraph Street, new independent cosmetologist, owner.

New firms listed in Douglas County as of Feb. 13

AIM Manufacturing, 2516 Business Parkway No. E, no firm type listed, Graydon Hall Gannam, owner.

ASP Wine & Liquor, O of T, distributor wine and liquor, Anthony Platino, owner.

CJS Floors, 1420 Highway 395, flooring, James C. Anderson, owner.

Country Carousel, gifts and flooring, 1420 Highway 395, Sandra L. Anderson.

DC Comix Entertainment, 2625 Kayne Avenue, music industry, Decee Jordan Simpson, Paul Tersteege, James Lanier, owner.

Dean Security Consulting, 3775 Walker View Road, security consulting, Dean Anthony Ward, owner.

Earth, Turf, & Timber, 1056 Tybo Court, tree service/landscape, Brandon Hinsz, owner.

Inntech Solutions, 1420 Leonard Road, no firm type listed, James Clark, owner.

International Aviation Services Inc., 152 Holly Lane, aviation consulting, David McFall Boaz, Judy Lee Boaz, owner.

Mommie & Me, 1532 Highway 395 S. No. 5, consignment, Carrie J. Wooley, owner.

PMC Church Finance, O of T, church financing/brokerage, John M. Kucey, owner.

Supreme Plumbing, O of T, plumbing and heating service, Ruben Martin, Jose Martin, owner.

Syncrotec, 1293 Campbell Court, mechanical engineering consulting, Paul J. Nurmi, owner.

TPS Management, 400 Dorla Court, management, David Elks, owner.

Treehouse Mortgage, 1625 State Route 88 No. 303, mortgage brokerage, Anthony’s Treehouse, M Brewer, owner.

Wes’ Window Service, 1315 Muir No. B, window cleaning, Wesley, owner.