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Business Licenses

Business licenses issued in Carson City as of Oct. 26

Bestworth Rommel Inc., O of T, Washington, new contractor, Bestworth Rommel Inc., owner.

Bistro at the Bryan, 901 S. Stewart St., new general business, Judith Blanchard, owner.

Carriage House Door Co., 301 Hot Springs Road, new general business, Tim Dyer, owner.

CRC, 1987 N. Carson St., new general business, Dan Helmer, owner.

CVS/Pharmacy No. 9842, 1980 N. Carson St., new general business, CVS No. 9842, owner.

Forbes 37 Enterprises LLC, 3590 Arrowhead Dr., new general business, Tommy Forbes, owner.

Galena Group Inc., O of T, new out of town business, Galena Group Inc., owner.

Home Treasures, 1308 S, Stewart St. new general business, Susan Messina, owner.

Jobaganda LLC, 2533 N. Carson St. new resident agents, Jobaganda LLC, owner.

Pine Cone Office Services LLC, 223 Sarah Dr., new general business, Gilberto Gonzalez, owner.

Ruho Lmt., 1221 S, Carson St., new general business, Gordon Murray, owner.

Summit West Signs, O of T, Arizona, new out of town business, Dana Duncan, owner.