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Business licenses

Instituform Technologies, Inc., O of T, new general engineering, Instituform Technologies, Inc., owner.

Morgan Construction Services, O of T, new concrete contractor, Morgan Construction Services, owner.

Custom Quality Fence, O of T, new A21 fencing/construction of fences, Custom Quality Fence, owner.

West Coast Paving, Inc., O of T, new asphalt paving, grading, patching, West Coast Paving, Inc., owner.

Panic Products, Inc. 2327 Lewis Dr., new internet sales of motorcycle parts, Panic Products, Inc.

Infinity, Inc., O of T, new accountant, Infinity, Inc., owner.

Becki’s Cleaning Service, 1615 W. Winnie Ln., new res and comm cleaning, Becki Stankus, owner.

We Shoot Video, 7353 Schulz Dr., new video production and document transfer, Keith A. Barnett, owner.

Utility Products, Hwy 50 E, new selling phone products, Scott Weese, owner.

Sell It Interiors, 2928 Hidden Hill Ln., new staging and redesigning homes for sale, Jill R. Tighe-Reed, owner.

Richard Walter, O of T, new construction – repairs, Richard Walter, owner.

Sister’s Perez, 2419 Dori Wy, new house cleaning, Loyda Perez, owner.

Douglas County

New firms listed in Douglas County as of Sept. 10, 2007

Green Light Solutions, LLC, 1338 Old Foothill Road, sales and light assembly, Tod F. Carlini, owner.

Dollar Pro Haul LLC, 400 Dorla Ct., dirt hauling, Frank Dollar, owner.

Masse Performance, 3950 Granite Way, auto restoration and repair, Shayne A. Masse and Tawnya A. Masse, owner.

What Window Window Washing, 525 Linda Kay Ct., window cleaning, Chris Gorby and Curtis Snider, owner.

Moritz Western Heating and Air Conditioning, O of T, heating and air conditioning, Dave Moritz, owner.

The Phone Man, 199 Ponderosa Dr. #16, telephone installation/repair, Steven Beck, owner.

Desired Custom Painting, O of T, painting, Jacob Clay Mills, owner.

Erickson Construction Co., O of T, residential frame and carpentry, Masco framing corp, JG Sznewaj, owner.

AAAA Carpet Cleaning, 3165 Hwy 395, #71, carpet cleaning, Shane Cameron Reid, owner.

Group West Companies, PLLC, O of T, architectural/interior design, Lee Loveland, Eric Guion, owner.

Payday Loan Rights Book, 250 Kingsbury Grade, internet retail sails, Mark Behrendsen and Roxanne R. Behrendsen, owner.

T R Customs, 931 Stephanie Wy, auto jewelry, Timothy D. Rubsam, owner.

Squaw Peak Management, 400 Dorla Court, management, Gregory F. Ritterby and Robert M. Tokoph, owner.

Web Footed Friends, Inc., 2867 Jackie Cir., consulting, Linda H. Petrini, owner.

Integra Telecom, O of T, telecommunications, Advanced Telecom and Matthew Fahe, owner.

Integra Telecom, O of T, telecommunications, Eschelon Telecom NV and Matthew Fahe, owner.

Integra Telecom, O of T, telecommunications, Eschelon Telecom and Matthew Fahe, owner.

Integra Telecom, O of T, telecommunications, Shared Comm Srvs. and Matthew Fahe, owner.

T & M Contracting, LLC, 400 Dorla Ct., J Wiggins, Secretary, T & M Contracting, J. Wiggins, owner.

Cedar Grove Management, 400 Dorla Ct., management, Jamie Brakefield, owner.

Lilly Productions, 400 Dorla Ct., management, Lee Pollock, owner.

Triumph Management, 400 Dorla Ct., management, Brian Schafler, owner.

C Cameron, 400 Dorla Ct., management, Clay Helt, owner.

WIN, O of T, non profit education, James Newman, owner.

Ghostboy, 2248 Meridian Blvd. #H, media creation and distribution, Ryan Pannell, owner.

Adept Design Concepts, O of T, engineering consulting, Mark Mattson, owner.

RAK Package Systems, Inc., 1349 Mary Jo Dr., package pick-up and delivery, Rory A. King, owner., 1778 Lantana Dr., website-internet, Leslie Batistich, owner.

D G Enterprises, 1888 Pinenut Rd., internet sales, Dalene Griffiths, owner.

Studio 222, 748 East Peak Ln., web and graphic design, David Lewis, owner.

Art and Design by David Lewis, dissolve/cancel business.

Treehouse Credit Repair, 1625 State Route 88, #303, credit repair, Anthonys Treehouse, M. Brewer, owner.

Masse Performance, dissolve/cancel business.