Business Licenses for April 11 |

Business Licenses for April 11

Business Licenses filed in Carson City from April 5-9:

ABC Lock & Glass, out of town, Sparks , 775-331-5307.

Alpine Pool and Spa maint., 372 Sunchase Ct., general business, Chris Sieben, owner, 775-450-5607.

Bourgeois Interior Design, 2082 Empire Ranch Rd., general business, Lindsay Bourgeois, owner, 775-720-8031.

Carson Dog Sports, 5242 Highway 50 E., general business, Christine Vaught, owner, 775-849-2916.

Carson Nugget, 507 N. Carson St., gaming licenses, general business, Carson Nugget Inc., 775-882-1626.

Carson Vacuum & Cleaning, 2170 Highway 50 E., general business, Guy Foster, owner, 775-882-5550.

Carson Valley Currency, 907 S. Carson St., general business, A Jacob, owner, 775-790-1927.

Cherokee Scents Candle Co LLC., 1215 S. Carson St., general business, Mona Coleman, owner, 775-887-0330.

Classic Collectibles Thrift, 3688 Research Way Suite 5, general business, Robert Agnew, owner, 775-671-7499.

Crystal Bay Professionals Inc., 2533 N. Carson St., resident agents, 775-887-4736.

Dentalon Inc., out of town, Studio City, Calif., Anat Cohen, resident agents, 818-694-2626.

Dough Walther Attorney At Law, 1136 E. Appion Way, general business, Doug Walther, owner, 775-450-1137.

Down Syndrome But Not Out, 217 Coventry Dr., general business, Jennifer Casselman, owner, 775-841-5977.

Michael Duncan, 1107 Calaveras Dr., general business, Michael Duncan, owner, 775-722-4218.

Eagle Vending, 1835 Clydesdale Dr., general business, Harry Krupp, owner, 775-882-6056.

Eastern Sierra Guiding, out of town, Reno, Michael Lee, owner, 775-825-6764.

EDV Legal Clinic, 1501 Fairview Dr., general business, Ellen Valdovinos, owner, 775-461-3200.

Handygal Services, 500 W. Long St., general business, Samantha Moore, owner, 775-450-6474.

Hawkview Associates LLC., 2533 N. Carson St., resident agents, 775-887-4652.

I Haul, 1636 Karin Dr., general business, Ian Stuchell, owner, 775-350-6085.

Infrared Thermographics of NV, 1075 Shenandoah Dr., general business, Orval Wetzel, owner, 775-885-1480.

It’s All About Me Fine Clothing, 1301 S. Carson St., general business, Karen Holmes, owner, 775-884-1000.

JG Janitorial Services, 1000 N. Saliman Rd., general business, Jose Gusman, owner, 775-291-8540.

Jigsaw Automotive, 301 Hot Springs Rd., general business, Michael Foster, owner, 775-291-3939.

Michael Johnson, 399 Pasture Dr., general business, Michael Johnson, owner, 775-885-9682.

Joseco Associates Inc., 2533 N. Carson St., resident agents, Scott Burnett, 775-888-3129.

Ken’s Home Improvement, 2300 Glenn Dr., general business, Kenneth Campbell, owner, 775-297-6795.

Merada North Apts LLC., 410 W. Winnie Ln., general business, Marilyn Mailloux, owner, 775-230-0190.

Jose Pacheco, 2208 23, 32 Poole Wy., general business, Jose Pacheco, owner, 775-461-0631.

Parties By Sue Bee, 2701 Tenaya Dr., general business, Susan Bottoms, owner, 775-883-8522.

Vykky Pendola, 407 W. Robinson St., independent contractor, Victoria Pendola, owner, 775-781-9900.

Phantom Adventures Inc., 2533 N. Carson St., resident agents, 775-887-4568.

Port of Subs 69, 3721 N. Carson St., general business, 775-841-7678.

Primary Impressions Inc., out of town, Reno, contractor, 775-622-4129.

Rafaels Handyman Services, 4999 Hwy 50 E., general business, Rafael Munoz, owner, 775-315-9884.

Railway Labor Assoc LLC., 1839 Walnut Ct., general business, Michael Hartman, owner, 775-883-1534.

Sierra Wines, 1442 E. William St., general business, 775-230-2244.

Sirena Smith, 1325 Green Dr., general business, Sirena Smith, owner, 775-883-7230.

Sweet Mojo, 206 N. Carson St., general business, Edna Miller, owner, 775-882-8343.

The Tap Shack, 112 Rice St., general business, LL tavern/bar, Michael Lloyd, owner, 775-450-6823.

Troung Thutrang Thi, 1821 N. Carson St., independent contractor, Troung Thutrang Thi, owner, 775-883-2882.

Thygerson Service, 2533 N. Carson St., resident agents, 775-888-1364.

Toads, 306 E. William St., LL – tavern/bar, Tanwba LLC., owner, 775-841-6006.

Rosa Torres, 4 Lida Cir., general business, Rosa Torres, owner, 775-841-2690.

University Sales, 734 Gary’s Way, general business, Mitchell Dean Cohen Jr., owner, 775-882-7197.

Eugenia Vargas, 1147 Woodside Dr., general business, Eugenia Vargas, 775-315-3105.

Patrick Williams, 4025 Steamboat Dr., new hobby, Patrick Williams, owner, 775-883-9439.

Zeddies HVAC, out of town, Truckee, Calif., contractor, Eric Zeddies, owner, 775-225-7828.