Business Licenses for April 25 |

Business Licenses for April 25

Business licenses filed in Carson City between April 19 and April 23:

AAA Electric & Lighting, out of town, Incline Village, new contractor, George Valentine, 775-882-7111.

Bellissimo, 1313 S. Carson St., general business, Sarah Jonestone, owner, 818-388-0907.

Beutler Corporation, out of town, new contractor, Gary Beutler, owner, 916-646-2222.

CC’s Beauty Supply LLC., 101 Hot Springs Road, Suite #8, general business, Sherryl Cottom, owner, 775-450-5040.

Classic Collectibles Thrift, 3688 Research Way Suite 4, general business, Robert Agnew, owner, 775-671-7499.

Comstock Home Property Maint., 916 S. Minnesota St., general business, Patrick Heinie, owner, 775-883-6409.

Credit Adjusters Inc., out of town, Ohio, 419-782-3709.

Credit Adjustments Inc., out of town, Georgia, Michael S. Osborne, owner, 800-544-6359.

EAD Services, 2423 Harvest Dr., general business, Shawn Baker, owner, 775-882-5142.

Epiphany Nutraeuticals LLC., 2533 N. Carson St., resident agents, Ed Fitzjarrell, owner, 775-888-3348.

Eurus Point Management Inc., 2533 N. Carson St., new resident agents, 813-327-5177.

Game Cozy & Movies, 1621 Highway 50 E. Suite D. general business, Randy Letter, owner, 775-223-9051.

Integrated Health Management, 1027 S. Carson St. general business, 602-279-1109.

Jade Dragon Tai Chi, 851 E. William St., independent contractor, Stephen Mund, owner, 775-303-0853.

KM Williams Worldwide LLC., 2533 N. Carson St., out of town, 619-865-3397.

Mackadoodle Clothing, 700 Jackson Way, new hobby, Ricky Hensley Jr., 775-434-8434.

Mega Truck Wash, 4201 Spring Dr., general business, Bernardo Cuadros, owner, 775-841-0813.

MRE Dynatech NV LLC., 3144 Halleck Dr., general business, Michael Erwine, owner, 775-888-2032.

On Course Avionics Inc., E. Graves Lane, general business, 775-673-2722.

Parties By TAS, 2208 Richard Dr., general business, Tamara Smith, owner, 775-315-7884.

Payless Cleaners, 3953 S. Carson St., general business, Krystal Rodrigues, owner, 775-883-3359.

Preferred Electric LLC., out of town, Las Vegas, new contractor, Ken Eastwood, owner, 702-736-2450.

Robert Rogers Equestrian LLC., 2533 N. Carson St., new resident agents, 408-621-5475.

Sierra Business Networks LLC., out of town, Sparks, Jeffrey Eckert, owner, 775-354-2500.

Maria Suarez, 2511 Michael Dr., general business, Maria Suarez, owner, 775-443-6654.

SVC Group Inc., 2533 N. Carson St., resident agents, 775-887-4643.

Tahoe Basin Healthcare, 1959 Carriage Crest Dr., general business, Danielle Hull, owner, 775-230-5677.

The Inc., 511 Fairview Dr., general business, Mary Wecker, owner, 775-841-4490.

The Twisted Spoke Bar and Grill, 3198 N. Deer Run Rd., gaming license, Kimberly A. Dandos, owner, 775-230-4464.

West Asset Management Inc., out of town, Georgia, 402-965-7113.