Business Licenses for July 11 |

Business Licenses for July 11

Business licenses filed in Carson City between June 21 to June 25.

Anytime Fitness, 4530 S. Carson St., general business, Michael Blasquez, owner, 775-530-2453.

Comstock Rails, 4601 Goni Rd. Unit E, general business, MV Pandora Inc., 775-841-6115.

Rebekah Crounk, 4539 E. Nye Ln., out of town, Rebekah Crounk, owner, 775-291-6958.

Dan the Jerkey Man, 2699 Dori Way, general business, Kathleen Travers, owner, 775-671-0611.

Julie Darrington, 177 W. Proctor St., independent contractor, Julie Darrington, owner, 775-884-3667.

Treva Devoll, 1579 Valley View, Dr., general business, Treva Devoll, owner, 775-882-9237.

Everything Dance Etc., 2081 S. Lompa Ln., Suite A., general business, Everything Dance Etc. LLC., owner, 775-230-2469.

Dianna Fuentes, 2208 23, 32 Poole Wy., general business, Dianna Fuentes, owner, 775-461-0631.

Green Quality Services LLC., 2530 Sycamore Glen Dr., general business, Matthew Green, owner, 775-885-0411.

Hap-E-Dog, 1801 Hwy 50 E Suite B, general business, Jantje Guzak, owner, 775-883-1818.

Heartsong Massage, 214 W. Robinson St., general business, Julie Harris, owner, 775-790-0571.

Jared T Buck DDS LTD., 1177 N. Division St., general business, Jared T. Buck, owner, 775-883-3434.

Law Office of Wayne Pressel, 3094 Research Way #61, general business, Wayne M. Pressel, owner, 775-883-4745.

Michael Hohl RV Center, 4500 N. Carson St., general business, 775-885-1777.

Moana Nursery, out of town, Reno, contractor, 775-825-0602.

Nevada Haulers, 7 Pine View Way, general business, Joseph Billings, owner, 775-443-5328.

Pizza Factory, 135 Clearview Dr., general business, Karen Streckfus, owner, 775-742-4438.

Precise Recycling Service Inc., 6301 Hwy 50 E., general business, Ernest Chambers, owner, 775-883-1261.

Preferred Lawn Care, 1828 Montelena Ct., general business, Thomas Koche, owner, 775-223-7613.

Triinu Saan, 306 Bath St., general business, Triinu Saan, owner.

Sierra Ridge Construction, out of town, contractor, James Schembri, owner, 775-741-2076.

Supermaz Logistics Service LLC., 2533 N. Carson St., resident agents, 775-888-1304.

The Wet T-Shirt, 1805 N. Carson St., general business, Ricky Ramsey, owner, 775-297-1476.

Chris Uibopuu, 306 Bath St., general business, Chris Uibopuu, owner, 775-291-8328.

Vandermade Insurance Profess, 1940 Hwy 50 E., general business, Jan Vandermade, owner, 775-882-3599.

Business license applications submitted to Lyon County Commissioners on July 1

Artisa Communities LLC., 114 Deschutes Dr., Dayton contractor, Christo J. Reynen.

BTG Dayton Nevada Investment, LLC., 114 Deschutes Dr., Dayton, investment property owner, John D. Reynen.

Kaiser Plumbing, 14050 Rancho Dr., Reno, residential service, Konrad E. Kiaser.

Speedway Auto Wreckers, 45 Speedway Rd., Fernley, scrap metal, Rob Fryling.

Truckee Meadows Heating & Air, PO Box 6150, Reno, heating and air conditioning, Kenneth D. Geis.

Z DBL BAR Horseshoeing, 82 Hudson Aurora Rd., Smith, horseshoeing and trimming, Katja M. Ziegenfuss.