Business Licenses for July 25 |

Business Licenses for July 25

Business licenses filed in Carson City between June 28 and July 2:

Archon Foundation, 204 W. Spear St., new non-profit organization, 775-886-0896.

Bonaire Associates LLC., 2533 N. Carson St., resident agents, 775-888-1324.

Carson Nugget, 507 N. Carson St., gaming licenses, Carson Nugget Inc., owner, 775-882-1626.

Checkpoint Systems Inc., out of town, Minnesota, 800-344-9094.

Computer Dynamics, 604 W. King St., general business, Mason Satterwhite, owner, 775-882-3952.

Dianna Fuentes, 2208 23, 32 Poole Way, general business, Dianna Fuentes, owner, 775-461-0631.

Jackpot Crossing Casino, 1897 N. Edmonds Dr., gaming licenses, Carson Bonanza Corporation, 775-883-7777.

K&K Publishing, 5549 Camus Rd., general business, Margaret Konieczny, owner, 775-885-7986.

Linda Ketenjian, 655 College Parkway, new hobby, Linda Ketenjian, owner, 775-883-0778.

Mary’s Embrace, 320 E. Long St., non-profit organization, 775-721-6702.

Michael Hohl RV Center, 4500 N. Carson St., general business, 775-885-1777.

Power Control Solutions Inc., out of town Washoe Valley, contractor, 775-849-7837.

Precise Recycling Service Inc., 6301 Hwy 50 E., general business, Ernest Chambers, owner, 775-883-1261.

Sierra Wines, 1442 E. William St., general business, BVM III LLC., owner, 775-230-2244.

The Twisted Spoke Bar and Grill, 3198 N. Deer Run Rd., new gaming license, Kimberly Dandos, owner, 775-230-4464.

Tommy’s Neighborhood Bar, 260 W. Winnie Ln, gaming licenses, Robert Williams, 775-841-1912.

Ventis Antennas and RF, 402 E. Telegraph St., general business, 877-483-2174.

Woody’s, 1987 N. Carson St., Suite 75, gaming licenses, 775-423-3111.

Business licenses filed between July 5-9:

Another Time, 4851 Hwy 50 E., general business, Kathleen Grady, owner, 775-315-9694.

Anytime Fitness, 4530 S. Carson St., general business, Michael Blasquez, owner, 775-530-2453.

Cadia Inc., 204 W. Spear St., resident agents, 775-886-0844.

Carson Dog Sports, 5242 Hwy 50 E., general business, Christine Vaught, owner, 775-849-2916.

Connected Youth Center, 1851 S. Roop St., general business, Jonathan Velasquez, owner, 775-750-4431.

Discount Buy Smoke N Liquor, 500 Hot Springs Rd., general business, 775-772-8205.

Ebenal General Inc., out of town, Bellingham, Wash., new contractor, David Ebenal, owner, 360-738-1940.

Evacuation Consulting, 2737 Oak Ridge Dr., new hobby, 775-287-4192.

JZ Automotive Inc., 711 Armory Ln., general business, 775-303-0289.

LA Designs, 271 275 W. Hampton Dr., general business, Laura Adler, owner, 775-885-0386.

David Palylyk, out of town, Reno, new contractor, David Palylyk, owner, 775-337-1917.

Pickers Paradise, 5925 Hwy 50 E., general business, Jim Godec, owner, 775-883-6969.

Lorene Rangel, 27 Tiger Dr., general business, Lorene Rangel, owner, 775-297-3482.

Stranton Holdings LLC., 2533 N. Carson St., new resident agents, 775-888-3386.

T.G.’s Pest Control Inc., out of town, Fallon, 775-867-4517.

Tahoe Federal LLC., 2533 N. Carson St., resident agents, manager, owner, 775-888-1342.

TD Deals, out of town, Douglas, Trent Dowell, owner, 775-220-6065.

Business licenses filed between July 12-16.

American Pacific Mortgage, 304 S. Minnesota St., general business, 775-841-5626.

Clear Connection Corp., out of town, California, general business, 916-567-0144.

Haz-Tech Drilling Inc., out of town, Idaho, new contractor, 208-888-4790.

Julie’s Mini Market, 1891 E. Long St., general business, Antonio Ortega, owner, 775-247-4334.

Julie McGuire MBA Sphr, out of town Reno, Julie McGuire, 775-342-9406.

Rapidfix Inc., out of town, California, new contractor, 760-436-3662.

Sierra Le Bone, 3817 S. Carson St., general business, Gary Ailes, owner, 775-885-2663.

4 Pawz Dog Training Academy, 5242 Hwy 50 E., independent contractor, Jana Williamson, owner, 775-338-1309.