Business Licenses for May 16 |

Business Licenses for May 16

Business licenses filed in Carson City between May 10-14.

American, 1225 Figuero Way, general business, Patricia Smith, owner, 775-841-4186.

Atleta, 909 Little Lane, #2301, independent contractor, Cassandra D. Carter, owner, 775-297-1719.

B&T Landscape, 612 Mary St., general business, Tim Harral, owner, 775-287-1048.

Junel Bacigalupo, 377 S. Nevada St., general business, Junel Bacigalupo, owner, 775-901-3637.

Borola Wholesale LLC., 2533 N. Carson St., resident agents, 775-887-4625.

C.B.F.A.S. Inc., 3426 Woodside Dr., general business, C.B.F.A.S. Inc., owner, 909-986-0454.

Capital Janitorial, 4 Tissiac Cir., general business, 775-841-6417.

Carson Auto Works, 2232 S. Carson St., general business, Donald Smart, owner, 775-883-3339.

Carson Lanes Day Care, 4600 Snyder Ave., general business, Eugene Burger, owner, 775-283-4365.

Denise Gillott Appraisals LLC., 4511 Gentry Ln., general business, Denise Gillott, owner, 775-230-1915.

Helwig Plumbing Company, out of town, Gardnerville, new contractor, Don Helwig, owner, 775-790-6917.

Dennis Johnson P.S. CPA, 2533 N. Carson St., resident agents, 775-887-4629.

KPWriter Marketing, 2519 Christmas Tree Dr., general business, Kerstin Plemel, owner, 775-443-7559.

Lynne’s Mobile Notary Service, 2701 Conestoga Dr., Suite 120, general business, Lynne Iacono, owner, 775-544-2063.

Meldoy’s Cleaning Services, 1751 Carson River Rd., general business, Melody Pinnell, owner, 775-722-7459.

National Resident Assessment, 2533 N. Carson St., resident agents, 775-8878-4543.

Nevada Neurosurgery Ltd., 2874 N. Carson St., Suite 210, general business, Lali Sekhon, owner, 775-654-8844.

Optimum Physical Therapy, 604 W. Washington St., general business, Jason Overholser, owner, 775-882-5001.

Precision Drivelines and Auto, 2250 S. Carson St., general business, Rudy Hindelang, owner, 775-885-9209.

Purple Realty, 5853 S. Carson St., general business, 775-461-0081.

Melissa Ralphe, out of town, Fernley, independent contractor, Melissa Ralphe, owner, 775-750-1694.

Re-Bath, out of town, Idaho, new contractor, 208-367-0900.

Reardon Realty, 2500 Watt Rd., general business, Patrick Reardon, owner, 775-219-9266.

Sirena Smith, 1325 Green Dr., general business, Sirena Smith, owner, 775-883-7230.

Suzanne Krupp’s Cleaning, 215 S. Harbin Ave., general business, Suzanne Krupp, owner, 775-315-7808.

The Schmitt House, 4750 Hwy 50 E., new tavern/bar, Com Productions LLC., owner, 775-887-9998.

Top Notch Handyman Service, out of town, Sparks, Alan Lynch, owner, 775-722-2526.

Transformational Systems, 204 W. Spear St., resident agents, David Weisbrod, owner, 775-886-0824.

United Remodeling Services, 1808 Hwy 50 E., general business, Donald Snow, owner, 775-883-1111.

US Coupler, 2369 Bunch Way, general business, Brian Siadak, owner, 775-434-5832.

3DM Corporation, 204 W. Spear St., resident agents, 775-886-0877.

4 Pawz Dog Training Academy, 5242 Hwy 50 E., independent contractor, Jana Williamson, owner, 775-338-1309.