Business Licenses March. 7 |

Business Licenses March. 7

Business licenses filed in Carson City between March 1 and March 5:

About Kids Day Care, 4221 Stampede Dr., general business, Nina Paradise, owner. 775-885-0456.

Antonucci Lawn and Garden, 1005 Saratoga Way, general business, Frank Antonucci, owner. 775-434-8873.

Leslie Biederman, 809 N. Plaza St., independent contractor, Leslie Biederman, owner. 775-883-2290.

Carson City Alano Club, 1800 Hwy 50 E., non-profit organization, 775-882-2372.

Davis Financial Inc., 2533 N. Carson St., new resident agents, Scott Burnett, owner. 775-885-4043.

DK Enterprises, 2556 Scotch Pine Dr., general business, Donald Hughes, owner. 775-885-8684.

Eagle Fitness, 3242 Research Way, general business, David Winchell, owner. 775-882-8686.

Eagle Vending, 1835 Clydesdale Dr., general business, Harry Krupp, owner. 775-882-6056.

Alejandrina Elizonda, 1740 N. Edmonds Dr., general business, Alejandrina Elizonda, owner. 775-443-9305.

Everything Dance Etc., 1127 E. Roland St., general business, Crystal Kenison, owner. 775-230-2469.

Gillespie Kyle OD Ltd., 3475 GS Richards Blvd. #130, independent contractor. 775-883-9191.

Lawrence Gonzalez, 2801 Grant St., general business, Lawrence Gonzalez, ,owner. 775-690-3903.

Hamilton Solar LLC., Sparks, new contractor. 775-747-6000.

Bobbie Labranch, 1378 Jewell Ave., general business, Bobbie Labranch, owner. 775-883-3995.

Maria, 2609 Fieldcrest Dr., general business, Maria Cabrera, owner. 775-841-9570.

Maverik Inc #409, 1451 College Prky, packaged liquor, 801-936-5557.

MC Masonry, 1864 Yale Dr., general business, Mark Curd, owner. 775-750-2321.

Montoya Landscape Maintenance, 2850 Airport Rd., general business, Jorge Alonso, owner. 775-690-3230.

Muscle Mechanics, 808 Sonoma St., independent contractor, Joseph Handschuh, owner. 775-750-0608.

Christopher Perry, 705 707 Linda Kay Ct., general business, Chirstopher Perry, owner. 775-443-8450.

Premiere Credit of N. America, out of town, Indianapolis. 317-917-4853.

Pro Green Landscape, 1054 Westcreek Lane, general business, Robert Key, owner. 775-315-4865.

R&D Office Deli Vending, 7177 Schulz Dr., general business, 775-291-0319.

Ramos Electric LLC., Gardnerville, new contractor, Salvador Ramos, owner. 775-265-9000.

Robert Stroub Travel Service, 777 W. Bonanza Dr., general business, Robert Stroub, owner. 775-882-6425.

Crystal Sanchez, 20 College Pkwy., general business, Crystal Sanchez, owner. 775-720-0570.

Terry Smith, 1888 N. Fall St., general business, Terry Smith, owner. 775-291-4468.

State Farm Insurance, 1940 Hwy 50 E., general business, State Farm Ins., owner. 775-826-3633.

TS Training, 1497 Flintwood Dr., general business, Lucas Vine, owner. 619-672-5140.

Wallis Steel Inc., Mound House, new contractor, Thomas Wallis, owner. 775-841-3700.

Business licenses filed in Lyon County on March 4 county commissioners agenda

The Bath House, 7 Hwy 95A E., Yerington, Susan M. Groteguth, Karen L. Howard, Lynda C. Reese, addition of partner.

Coinstar Inc., 1800 114th Ave. SE, Bellevue Wash., Donald R. Rench, Michael J. Skinner, Paul Davis. et al., self-service coin counting machines.

Gary D. White, 210 James Ave., Dayton, Gary D. White, owner, handyman services.

Pegs Pilot Car Service, 2565 Ruby Ave., Dayton, Peggy R. Thomas, owner, pilot car service.

S. L. McDaniel Construction, 35 N. Spring Mountain Circle, Sparks, Scott L. McDaniel, owner, general contractor.

Tree Tenders LLC., 1275 Bonham Trail, Silver City, Laura C. Coston, Kris S. Coston, owners, arbor care/tree maintenance/vegetation removal.

Sayeret Group U.S.A., 1070 Hwy 50 W., Silver Springs, Richard F. Piper, owner, security service, provided outside Nevada.

Silver Eagle Relocation Services Inc., 59 Industrial Pkwy #100, Mound House, Kimberly M. Allies, William T. Allies, owners. Change of location.