Café at Adele’s bar sign finds home at Js’ Old Town Bistro in Dayton |

Café at Adele’s bar sign finds home at Js’ Old Town Bistro in Dayton

Denise Clodjeaux
Special to the Nevada Appeal
The "bar" sign from Cafe at Adele's is now on display at J's Old Town Bistro in Dayton.

The familiar neon “BAR” sign, that welcomed diners to Café at Adele’s for decades, has been removed, but it didn’t stay dark long.

It’s red neon glow now welcomes diners to Js’ Old Town Bistro in Dayton. Café at Adele’s chef/owner Charlie Abowd wanted to keep the sign in the family and since he and Js’ co-owner Jerry Massad are cousins, it seemed like the perfect location.

“It was really hard to see the sign go,” said Charlie Abowd. “But at least my wife Karen and I know it’s staying in the family.”

“I’m honored to be the keeper of the well-known sign,” Massad said. “Ironically, my first job (in) Carson City was bartending at Adele’s. I know many people were interested in the sign, but we’ll give it a good home at Js’. Our customers are already commenting on it and love it.”

The neon sign was originally added to the building in the 1960s by then-owner Bill Potter. It was known as the Music Box at the time and housed both a bar and antiques store. Paul and Adele Abowd bought the building and opened Adele’s in 1977, their son Charlie and wife Karen took over the restaurant in 1995; they renamed the establishment “Café at Adele’s” in 2015.

“Taking the sign down is like finishing one of the last chapters of this book, Karen and I are focusing on and excited for the future and what comes next,” Charlie said.

“There’s a lot of legacy behind that sign,” Massad said. “But we are excited to be part of what Paul and Adele started and Charlie and Karen continued and built upon, it’s a wonderful family endorsement.”

At some point in the future, when Massad is no longer associated with Js’, the sign will be donated to Nevada Neon Museum in Las Vegas.