Capital city banding together to forward a healthy future |

Capital city banding together to forward a healthy future

Tammy Westergard
For the Nevada Appeal

On Nov. 6, Nevada Appeal reporter Sandi Hoover chronicled the Carson Nugget’s report to the Board of Supervisors of an ambitious vision to develop about eight acres of their parking lots behind the main street casino.

The notion is that a public/private partnership could develop a downtown business-focused, high tech public library (a knowledge center) coupled with a business incubator. Further, it’s expected in-town loft residences, a plaza, a transit hub, an IMAX theater and retail and office space would not only attract new industries, but also have resources that ensure the best chance for success.

The generosity of the Carson Nugget is further emphasized by the fact that 50 percent of the Nugget development project will be owned by the Hop and Mae Adams Trust, whose primary mission is to support the youth of Carson City. A state-of-the-art knowledge and discovery library integrated within a center of working, living, learning and recreation certainly gives youth a chance not to just learn a skill, but then to get to work right here at home.

This bold vision starts a route to economic opportunity rooted in primary jobs – that is those kinds of jobs not dependent on tourism, with all its ups and downs.

The Nugget project is very pro-active, unique and solution oriented. Rather than waiting for a bailout, with the commitment and support of a private partner, Carson City has an opportunity to create its own solution to economic health that reaches beyond a one-time stimulus. The project could serve as an economic engine that will fuel the city into the future.

“Carson City residents know what they want in terms of future development. We’ve ask them and they’ve told us through vigorous public process. It is now time to deliver on expectations. This is putting plans into action,” says Supervisor and Redevelopment Authority Chairwoman Robin Williamson.

As a mother of three young adults, two at UNR and one still in high school, my husband and I do worry about what the chances are that they will be able to make their way in our native Silver State. I’m not alone in the concern and many relish the thought of generations being able to add to the rich history that makes us Nevadans. I know home is where the heart is, but for us home means Nevada.

At the conclusion of the Nov. 5 board presentation, Nugget owner and President Alan Adams told supervisors quite clearly, “The word ‘Nugget’ really should be taken out of this. It’s about the community.”

The project is complex, has many moving parts and will take time to implement. This column will explain the pieces as they unfold. Community input is welcome.

• Tammy Westergard is deputy manager of the Carson City Office of Business Development. Send questions and feedback to or stay in touch online at