Carson City Airport may seek new fixed-based operator |

Carson City Airport may seek new fixed-based operator

The Carson City Airport Authority may soon be looking for a new fixed-based operator (FBO) member because its current FBO member’s business is no longer operating at the Carson City Airport.

Carson Aviation Adventures Flight School, owned by Brian Vowell, the authority’s vice chair, has left the airport after its lease was terminated for being in arrears.

“The tenant alludes that a rent check was tendered and cashed; however, he has apparently removed his business furniture and fixtures and quit the building. The landlord indicates the tenant continues to owe significant arrearages,” said Linda Law, chair, reading a prepared statement at the authority’s meeting Wednesday.

Vowell, who did not attend the meeting, said later that he has paid his rent in full each month and has been locked out of his building by the landlord.

The FBO also owes the airport a year’s worth of FBO fees, amounting to $1,200, said Ken Moen, airport manager after the meeting.

Vowell said he reorganized as a non-profit business last year and was told that non-profits did not have to pay the fees.

The authority was set to discuss the issue, but postponed it to give the tenant and landlord time to resolve the issue or for the flight school to find new space, pay its FBO fees to the airport, and re-apply for an FBO license.

The authority tabled two other items. One was on a contract for architectural and engineering services. A subcommittee had been formed to create a scorecard for authority members to judge respondents to a request for quote. Each member of the subcommittee did their own scoring.

The item was postponed to give other members a chance to review the applicants and the new score card in order to make a decision as a board in compliance with open meeting law.

A third item to make lot line adjustments on a parcel at the airport so Sierra Skyway, Inc. can make tenant improvements was also tabled to bring back an agreement to vote on.

The authority also accepted a $384,187 Federal Aviation Administration grant to redo taxiways and upgrade the airport’s Automated Weather Observing System. The grant was also accepted on Thursday by the Board of Supervisors.