Carson City Horseshoe Club closure a mystery |

Carson City Horseshoe Club closure a mystery

The Carson Horseshoe Club has closed, at least temporarily, and with no indication of when the downtown casino might reopen for business.

A sign posted on the door says “temporarily closed until further notice.”

Efforts to contact principals of Nevada Treasure Chest, Inc., doing business as The Carson Horseshoe Club at 402 N. Carson St., were unsuccessful over two days.

Several calls to the club’s posted casino telephone number and a food service number Tuesday were met with no success. Wednesday a second telephone number listed with the business license division in city government was tried. A voice mail message at that number was left by the Nevada Appeal, but there was no return call. At the city licensing division, the business and liquor licenses were listed as still in force.

The business license identified Jeannette Kelley as a principal and the firm’s registered agent. Research determined Nevada Treasure Chest, Inc. at the club’s address was formed in 1975.

Employees at Cactus Jack’s Casino, which is just north of the Horseshoe Club even though that larger casino’s address technically is 411 N. Curry St., said the signs on the neighboring competitor’s doors had appeared earlier in the week. They said other than that, they knew nothing about reasons or future prospects.

Indications on social media were the club closed without employees being notified. They reportedly showed up for work to find signs about closure posted on locked entry doors.

The casino, bar/restaurant not only is next to the larger Cactus Jack’s on Carson Street’s west side, but also is in the vicinity of the significantly larger Carson Nugget to the northeast across the street at 507 N. Carson St.