Carson City taxable sales up 9.8 percent in June |

Carson City taxable sales up 9.8 percent in June

Taxable sales jumped 9.6 percent in June, fueled by a 164 percent increase in the Utilities category.

But while Carson City numbers also were up by about the same amount — 9.8 percent — the Utilities category in the capital was down 45 percent to $460,353.

Overall, Carson reported $92.6 million in taxable sales for the month.

Statewide, the total was $4.87 billion.

Statewide, Utilities sales totaled $115 million compared to $43.6 million a the same month of last year.

But the big jump in Utilities sales was in Clark County where the total was $93.5 million. In addition, while many small counties reported a decrease in that category, Mineral County saw Utility sales increase from $3.6 million a year ago to $17.8 million this June.

In addition, while Churchill County reported just $306,721 in that category, that is a major shift from the $8.5 million negative caused by a tax offset a year ago.

Carson City was buoyed by a 13.1 percent gain in its largest tax generator, auto sales, which hit $25.6 million for the month.

The second largest, General Merchandise Stores, saw a 5.4 percent increase and Rental and Leasing Services an 18 percent rise to $1.27 million. Building Material sales also were up a bit — 5.4 percent to $12.1 million.

Washoe County reported a 12.3 percent increase in total taxable sales to $712.8 million and Clark County a 10.1 percent increase to $3.6 billion.

Churchill County was up 31.2 percent overall, in large part because of the huge turn-around in the Utilities category. In addition, auto sales there rose 53.5 percent to $4.78 million, General Merchandise Stores 3.9 percent to $3.7 million and Building Material sales 3.4 percent to $1.98 million.

In all, Churchill reported just over $21 million in sales for June.

Storey County reported $29.88 million in taxable sales, a 108 percent rise from the $14.4 million last year.

That includes a 35.9 percent increase in Eating and Drinking Places and a 99.9 percent increase in Building Material sales — $327,236.

Heavy Construction such as that happening at the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center shoed a 61 percent increase to $1.1 million and Nonmetallic Metal Manufacturing had an 883 percent increase from $247,417 to $2.4 million.

Total taxable sales in Douglas fell 6 percent in June. The culprit was that county’s largest generator, Food Services and Drinking Places. Total taxable sales there went down 24.7 percent from just over $18 million a year ago to $13.6 million this year. The county finished the month at $61 million.