Carson City Triad focuses on phishing fraud |

Carson City Triad focuses on phishing fraud

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What: Phishing the Bermuda Triangle, United Federal Credit Union

When: Friday, 11:45 a.m.

Where: Carson City Senior Center, 911 Beverly Drive, Carson City

Carson City Nevada Triad presents Phishing the Bermuda Triangle, a presentation on how to protect yourself from financial fraud, identify cues and clues of potentially fraudulent situations and how to avoid them at the Carson City Senior Center, 911 Beverly Drive on Friday at 11:45 a.m.

Laura Carrion, branch manager of United Federal Credit Union, 935 Jacks Valley Road, Carson City, will make the presentation.

“The things we see every day are really scary,” Carrion said. “People respond to emails saying they’ve won the Canadian lottery, fraudulent calls from people claiming to be their grandchildren needing money, or Craigslist scams when they’re trying to sell something, and they get taken advantage of.”

Carrion said it’s estimated senior citizens are losing $36 billion a year to fraud, and yet only one in 44 cases are reported because people are embarrassed to admit they’ve been duped.

“Every day, someone comes in saying they’ve lost access to their computer, cell phone and bank account,” she said.

The presentation is free of charge and open to the public. Raffle tickets for a drawing for a gift basket will be handed out at the door.

Carson City Triad provides health and safety related information monthly at the Senior Center. Triad is a collaboration between the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, Fire Department and Senior Center.

For information, email Courtney Warner, executive director of the Carson City Senior Center, at, or call the Center at 775-883-0703.