Carson Tahoe Breast Center chosen for clinical trial |

Carson Tahoe Breast Center chosen for clinical trial

A nurse with a patient about to have a mammogram.
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Carson Tahoe Breast Center has been selected to participate in a mammogram clinical trial to aid in breast cancer research.

“Carson Tahoe is honored to have been chosen as the only provider in Nevada to participate in the Tomosynthesis Mammographic Imaging Screening Trial,” said Dr. Kinsey Pillsbury, medical director, Carson Tahoe in a press release. “This progressive clinical trial reflects our dedication to empowering women to ‘take charge of their health,’ and encourages them to utilize advanced technology to detect cancer in the earliest possible stages, which is critical in supporting optimal outcomes.”

In cooperation with the Nevada Cancer Research Foundation and The National Cancer Institute, the center is enrolling healthy women aged 45 to 74 who are already planning to get routine mammograms to participate in the trial.

In addition to collecting data, the trial is building a biorepository for future research on genetic markers for breast cancer by asking all participants to voluntarily submit blood samples and swabs of cells from inside of the mouth. This data has the potential to help women and their doctors decide the best ways to screen for breast cancer in the future, considering their individual risk factors and other unique attributes.

For details, and to see if you’re eligible to participate, go online to or call 445-7604.